In-line Brix Ölçer/ Proses Refraktometresi



The iPR-C will be reason for your success, maintaining and controlling quality continuously – without manual sample taking or loss of product. Our refractometers enable accurate in-line Brix, total solids, Plato, Oechsle and concentration measurements in hygienic liquid food and beverage processing applications, as well as filling lines and waste control streams.

AdBlue®/DEF | Antifreeze concentration | Brix (Degree Brix °Bx) | Concentrates and dilution of softdrinks | Cooling lubricants | Cutting Oil and Lubricant | Degree Plato – °Plato | Detergent concentration | Disinfectants | Emulsions of creams and lotions | Engine coolants and lubricants | Icing inhibitors | Inorganic salt | Interface Detection | Latex | Liquid Egg Production | Liquid identification | Metal sheet degreasing | Oechsle scale | Oilseed pressing | Organic solvents | Quality and concentration control | Raw material identification | Refractive Index – RI | Refractometric Dry Substance (RDS) | Starch Sweetener / Dextrose/ Fructose and Glucose Syrups Measurement | Thermal fluids | Water in honey | Water quality | Water treatment | Wet etching process in wafer production | Winemaking | Wiper fluids